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Flying, Body Scanners and TSA Groping

I’m sure by now you’re probably aware of the new security regulations at airports that subject you to very intimate searches if you opt out of the body scanner that photographs you naked in the security line. The scanners and

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links for 2008-01-14

Esquire Magazine’s feature on Dateline NBC’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ – Esquire Esquire covers a NBC sting that goes horrible wrong, and raises many questions about the ethics of the show. (tags: ethics crime media television) A scrapbook career in

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links for 2008-01-08

The Sun | Torchwood, season 2. Oh, that is the hotness. John Barrowman K-I-S-S-I-N-G with James Marsters (AKA Spike on Buffy.) (tags: television) Golden Globes Telecast Canceled: MTV Movie News Winners will be announced on NBC News instead. This doesn’t

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“I’m here to shoot a pilot”

Boing Boing is questioning whether this is actually true, but it seems to be making the rounds and has shown up on numerous news sites: Director Mike Figgis spent longer at LAX airport than intended. He’d arrived in Los Angeles,

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