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You Belong With Me, deconstructed

Or, why Taylor Swift is a Nice Guy(tm). Courtesy of NinjaCate on Jezebel, this analysis of Taylor Swift’s song as a demo for why she’s problematic when it comes to women’s issues. You’re on the phone with your girlfriend, she’s

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Weakest Shade of Blue

Pernice Brothers won’t you come away with me and begin something we can’t understand i’m as lonely as the Irish Sea i’m as willing as the sand could it be so wrong, so wrong? could it be so wrong, so

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California Stars

Words: woody guthrie – music: jay bennett/jeff tweedy 1997

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Music Rediscovered

We finally we able to upgrade the firmware on our Terabyte server last weekend, and it’s finally behaving in a stable fashion with iTunes (fingers crossed). It was apparently having trouble with long file names (!) and iTunes loves to

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Kingdom In The Sky

Kingdom In The Sky by DaVinci’s Notebook From the album: The Life and Times of Mike Fanning Link will expire in 7 days All my life I have been searching for that fabled promised land, With my sisters and my

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