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links for 2010-01-22

Obama: Daddy of the United States of America You don't have to win, we were told at the positive-discipline workshop. Your child is not damaged, morally, if your child wins, if the battle is withdrawn, or, better yet, never joined.

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Twitter Related Fun

Twitterific is a great little Macintosh program that lets you get (and make) your twitter updates without having to have the browser window open. There does seem to be a couple of similar Window/PC programs that lets you do the

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links for 2006-12-08

Take Action: Tell Wal-Mart to stop selling the religious right’s violent video game I noted this “kill all the non-converts and gay people” video game earlier this year — now there’s a campaign to urge Wal-Mart not to stock it.

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Social Networking for Bookworms

The Wall Street Journal writes about a new social networking site called LibraryThing.com — for people to create catalogs of their books. Similar to software like Booxter or Delicious Library, you record all of your books in a cataloging data

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I finally sorted out my chatting crap and downloaded a chat client that lets me sign on to AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, yahoo, google talk, jabber, ICQ, and a ton of other chat clients all in the same window, and

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