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Why Twitter?

To make bitter people write bad humor articles, of course. My friend Dan was googling his twitter ID (funny!) and discovered he’d been quoted in a “humor” article about Twitter on Funny Times, which he of course shared with his

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Twitter Related Fun

Twitterific is a great little Macintosh program that lets you get (and make) your twitter updates without having to have the browser window open. There does seem to be a couple of similar Window/PC programs that lets you do the

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Forbes on Twitter

David M Ewalt from Forbes on the subject of Twitter: “I’m not interested in what you had for breakfast.” Yeah, I’m not interested in what you had for breakfast either. That’s why I don’t follow you on twitter, ass. I

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Twittervision is a googlemap with all the latest twitter posts displayed on it – it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch – check it out.

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Evite vs. Upcoming.Org

Last year in February, I was bitching about how lame Friendster had become, and I mentioned somewhere in there that they (and other social networking sites) needed to suck in functionality like evite, where you can send out party invitations

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