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Funniest Fan Fiction Ever: The Daily Show with John Stewart Slash FanFic

Okay, after laughing out loud about this site in my cube at work, I was then required to explain the concept of Slash Fan Fiction to one of my co-workers, a guy who’s worked in the technology field for 9+

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weekend update and fan fiction

So, this weekend, I saw Minority Report on Friday with Dan and Doug, then went to the Metro softball diamond to watch the Mutual Friends softball game and hang out with Michelle, Deb, Lisa & the team. Then I went

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Buffy Fan Fiction

Don’t Mind these, just some links I want to visit later. Nothing to see here. Buffy Stuff 1 Buffy Stuff 2 Buffy Stuff 3 Buffy Stuff 4 Buffy Stuff 5 Buffy Stuff 6 Buffy Stuff 7

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