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You know how you find a site that you really like, and you read it and enjoy it and show it to everyone you know? And you go along and after awhile the site changes, and you find yourself enjoying

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About Roman Polanski

I’m sure you’ve had an opportunity to read all the media circus surrounding the arrest of movie director Roman Polanski. Over on Shakesville, Melissa McEwan notes and discusses several of the high-profile people defending him, including Harvey Weinstein, Debra Winger

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Using the Sexism on the Left

Zuzu has an interesting post at Shakesville about how the choice of Palin may be an attempt to use the unchecked sexism within the Democratic Party against it: Right on cue, the sexist attacks against Palin began on the left–

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links for 2008-06-27

Shocking new report shows one in five gays are victims of homophobic violence Well no shit. This is news? (tags: homophobia violence) Shakesville: Because They’re From Venus Melissa examines the phenomenon of why most internet hate mail comes from men.

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links for 2008-05-08

DataPortability.org Share and remix data using open standards (tags: accessibility advocacy data webdev) Shakesville: The Line is Drawn Here We’re in a battle for our very lives, for our human and civil rights, to live in our neighborhoods and communities

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