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Indiana Girl sues school over prom tux denial

I so shocked by this that I can’t believe it. I’m giving the school a call later today to tell them what I think, because I can’t imagine how on earth this principal dares to do such a thing. The

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Kids suspended for massive food fight

I love kids, and this is why. Rock on, kids. Associated Press, CHESTERTON, Ind. — A massive middle school food fight left several students suspended and the eighth-grade class footing the cleaning bill that included the cost of scraping mashed

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Student Bloopers, Part 1 – European History

Those who forget history–and the English language–may be condemned to mangle both. Historian Anders Henriksson, a five- year veteran of the university classroom, has faithfully recorded his freshman students’ more striking insights into European history. Possibly as an act of vengeance, Henriksson has assembled these fractured fragments into a chronological narrative from the Middle Ages to the present.

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When your professor says this…. he really means this…

Author Unknown This needs some minor revision. = I never actually got around to reading this. My office hours are by appointment only = I like to get out of here early. Ten percent of your grade is based on

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Teddy’s Teacher

by Elizabeth Silance Ballard

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