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bilerico’s new policy

I read with excitement this piece on Bilerico.com: Looking at last year’s news cycle, one option had a high degree of success at influencing voters’ behavior, setting back a large segment of the conservative movement, and generally providing a modicum

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Friends of Tom Delay plan attack ads on behalf of Indiana’s Chris Chocola

Associates of disgraced former house majority leader Tom Delay are funding attack ads under the name “Americans for Honesty” for nine Republican congressional candidates in embattled districts, including on behalf of Representative Chris Chocola of Indiana, according to the New

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1,325 images – More Abu Graib photos, exclusively on Salon.com

Salon.com does the Australian media one better, by obtaining a huge cache of pictures and secret goverment documents on the Abu Graib scandal. They explain why they are publishing the information and then go on to show you all the

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