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Gay New York Couple of 60+ Years Die Just Two Weeks Apart

According to Gay Blog Towleroad: Gay New York Couple of 60+ Years Who Married Last Year Die Just Two Weeks Apart Shaun O’Brien, a dancer of four decades with the New York City Ballet, died at the age of 86

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Rally for Marriage Equality, Indiana Statehouse

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links for 2011-01-20

Gwyneth Paltrow's Bonfire Of The Inanities Gwyneth really kinda needs me as a life editor. Because darned if she isn't a really likable girl, but someone needs to have the job of throwing in a "hold up, girl, that's really

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Sad – Del Martin’s Death

Del Martin died. Thank Maude they let her and Phyllis Lyon get married.

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Ellen’s Marriage Announcement

This is so cool.

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