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Return to Roswell Eastern Caravan Slideshow

Slideshow of the Eastern Caravan headed out to Roswell: Photo Set: Return to Roswell 2009 – Eastern Caravan travels West

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Too many photos, not enough Time

Lots of stuff to do; not enough time to edit photos and post them. But here are some fun ones from the trip so far.

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Almost Packed

We’re in the final throes of packing for our trip. This year we put together a spreadsheet on Google Docs of all the stuff we know we need to take, and we’re going through and checking off items as we

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Beetles Caravan

Beetle caravan @ Bob Evans While checking out after dinner, we saw this “Beetle Caravan” of toys for sale.

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Route 66 Road Trip Morning, Day 17 in Joplin, Missouri

We made a lot better progress yesterday on the trip home; all the way to Joplin, Missouri. And we even got a couple of stops in at the Cadillac Ranch, the Bug Ranch, and the restored U-Drop-Inn Gas Station in

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