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links for 2009-12-12

Build a Website – Squarespace (tags: webhosting blogging) The Salvation Army's bigotted position on Homosexuality Why you should not put money in those red buckets every year at Christmas, and should give to charities that don't discriminate against and victimize people instead. (tags: homophobia equality rights lgbt)

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Conservatives against Women’s Right to Vote

Transcript discussed by Think Progress: John Derbyshire, a British-American conservative author and columnist for the National Review, has written a new book titled We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism. The book contains a section called “The Case Against Female Suffrage.” Yesterday on his radio show, Alan Colmes asked Derbyshire to articulate his argument. “What is

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Lilly Opposes SJR-7

As reported in the Indy Star (and by, Advance Indiana and Taking Down Words): Eli Lilly has joined several other large Indiana corporations (Cummins, Wellpoint, Dow AgroSciences) in opposing SJR-7, the Marriage Discrimination Amendment: “As a result of this uncertainty (over what the amendment’s impact might be,)” Murphy wrote, “some employees may choose to

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