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Weekend Update

Nope, I haven’t quit the 365 photo project, I’m just behind on putting the photos I’ve taken up. I know – three day weekend for me and I couldn’t get it done. But I was working on the project —

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Downtown Indianapolis Restaurant Delivery Options

I put together this list of downtown Indianapolis delivery options for my own reference. If you happen to know of others or if this list needs an update, please comment with suggestions. Aunt Polly’s – 317-632-3663 Bazbeaux Pizza – 317-636-7662

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Comments Elsewhere: It’s Official: L’explorateur to Close

Regarding Indianapolis and 4-Star restaurants, comments posted elsewhere: For context: visit this link. It’s Official: L’explorateur to Close Honestly, I think it says more about Indianapolis budgets than our dining habits, and it says more about restauranteurs not really understanding

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Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream

Situated right off the Monon on Main Street in downtown Carmel, Bubs is a popular lunch location, especially for (as my friend Mike pointed out) beefy white guys in corporate attire. It was so popular that we had to put

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Stuff I’ve forgotten to blog about before…

One day I was out to lunch with my co-workers and I picked up my knife to cut something, and the fork stuck to it. The knife was magnetic. But only the table knife, not the fork or the spoon.

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