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links for 2010-01-26

Bauer defends comment comparing poor people to stray animals – WIS News 10 – Columbia, South Carolina | South Carolina Lt. governor Andre Bauer says they should stop feeling poor kids free lunches because "feeding stray animals" causes them to

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Republicans derail talks with infighting

I want to hear a debate tonight. If McCain flew to Washington to fuck up talks about the bailout and to drag Obama into the weeds with him, he better stand up in front of me and explain himself. If

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Rachel Maddow on the Bailout

My favorite part of this is the Bush quote “now is not the time to be partisan. We need to come together…” I disagree. I think this is a GREAT time to be partisan. The best possible time, actually. The

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Democracy Now producer Nicole Salazar films her own arrest

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Minneapolis police arrested journalist Amy Goodman outside the Republican National Convention when she came outside from the floor of the convention after hearing that her producers had been arrested while reporting on

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Republican Wealth and the Economic Struggle of Ordinary Americans

This was an interesting juxtaposition of articles that came through my feedreader today. Via Metafilter, I learned that Vanity Fair did a breakdown of dollar value of the clothes the women of the Republican National Convention were wearing: One of

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