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Recently Read: Preserving Artist Mary Nohl’s Home

Via Hyperallergic: A Single Woman Is a Witch: Battling to Save the Art Environment of Mary Nohl Over a period of 50 years, the artist Mary Nohl transformed her yard as well as the interior and exterior of her cottage

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The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines and Their 'Liberated Sexuality' – ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews These aren't those women. They're how dudes want to imagine those women would be — what Wire creator David

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links for 2011-09-26

FlashZebra.com: Multipurpose Hotshoe Adapter (Item #0064) I may need this at some point… (tags: hotshoe flash camera photography) My second trailer: a flatbed this time, also based on Burley's kid trailer. I'm in the middle of building something roughly like

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Indianapolis Announces Really Embarrassing Bid For 2020 Summer Olympics | The Onion – America's Finest News Source (tags: Onion indianapolis) Why Women Aren’t Crazy — The Good Men Project It’s a whole lot easier to emotionally manipulate someone who has

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Scientists discover bisexual squid of the deep Yes, squids are bisexual. And promiscuous. Keep that in mind when that giant squid attacks your ship. You may have an out, if you're really cute. (tags: Squids bisexuals)

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