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Goodbye Pumpkin House

Turned in the keys to my old house Thursday. Got a quote this morning on installing a washer hookup in my new house. Oh boy. I’m gonna be saving my pennies, because this is going to cost a lot.

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no pumpkin house

Found out Thursday that I’m not going to get the house I’m renting. The deal fell through on the owner’s side of things. It didn’t appraise for what he was asking for, and he has too much $$ in it

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Chapel Perilous

Pretty cool site. So, My closing date is a week away, and I’ve done everything I can possible do, but the termite problem isn’t taken care of, the foundation isn’t taken care of, and the radon is still a problem,

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The inspection on my house seems to have hit some snags. There are active termites in the basement, and the inspector recommended the foundation needs to be reinforced; two things that won’t pass the FHA. So I have to ask

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window air conditioner stolen

So, yes, my window air conditioner really was stolen, although thankfully, nothing else was. I’ve had many interactions with the police over the last few days. Also, I found out that the guy who owns my house moved out because

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