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Produce as much as you consume project

In the spirit of this article I linked to the other day on Jimiyo, And a challenge from the unmarketing blog on twitter: “For one day this week, stop consuming info and create something.” I’m going to try to set

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links for 2010-04-05

The cult of busy « Scott Berkun I deliberately try not to fill my calendar. I choose not to say Yes to everything. For to do so would make me too busy, and I think, less effective at what my

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Al Gore’s Office

Check out how cluttered Al Gore’s Office is. (From Time Photo Series.) Nice monitor set-up. That would be awesome.

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Strategic Incompetence

From the Wall Street Journal: To learn something at the office can be difficult. But to refrain from learning something requires years of practice and refinement. It’s an office skill that Steven Crawley finds indispensable. “The inability to grasp selective

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