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Gee, that sounds familiar…

Remember a couple days ago when I said If it were up to me…. and I proposed a new way of doing the primaries that would be more fair? That post did get linked to by about 40 sites… but apparently not everyone likes to give credit. Check this out on Shakespeare’s Sister: It wouldn’t

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Iowa Caucus Stats 2008

Here’s an interesting stat about Iowa’s Caucus Total Voter Turnout (approximate): 356,000 Percentage of total vote: 24.5% Obama 20.5% Edwards 19.8% Clinton 11.4% Huckabee (R) Despite Iowa’s rather convoluted caucus rules on the Democratic side, they still turned out more voters for Democrats than for the more straight-forward Republican process. That is a REALLY an

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How Primary Elections Could Be Better

The U.S. would have five days of political primaries, each a week apart, starting the last week of March. The first primary day would consist of the 10 states with the smallest voting population; the rest would increase upward until the fifth week when the largest voting states would hold their primaries in the final

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