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Gee, that sounds familiar…

Remember a couple days ago when I said If it were up to me…. and I proposed a new way of doing the primaries that would be more fair? That post did get linked to by about 40 sites… but

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Iowa Caucus Stats 2008

Here’s an interesting stat about Iowa’s Caucus Total Voter Turnout (approximate): 356,000 Percentage of total vote: 24.5% Obama 20.5% Edwards 19.8% Clinton 11.4% Huckabee (R) Despite Iowa’s rather convoluted caucus rules on the Democratic side, they still turned out more

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How Primary Elections Could Be Better

The U.S. would have five days of political primaries, each a week apart, starting the last week of March. The first primary day would consist of the 10 states with the smallest voting population; the rest would increase upward until

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