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Some government shutdown reading

First – let’s be clear on who’s responsible for this debacle: The truth of what happened Monday night, as almost all political reporters know full well, is that “Republicans staged a series of last-ditch efforts to use a once-routine budget

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DoubleXplainer: What is a vagina?

Double X Science: DoubleXplainer: What is a vagina?. What is a vagina? First, let’s just practice saying the word. Vagina. Vuh-ji-nuh. VAGINA! OK. Why are we practicing this? So that we can avoid suffering from the fluttery sensibilities of one

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Open Letter to that 53% Guy

Max Udargo on the Daily Kos delivers a great response to to the guy calling people whiners for not working 70 hours a week, and telling people to “suck it up” and stop blaming Wall Street. Read the whole response,

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I don’t get it at all

A Democratic congressperson was SHOT in the head. Six people were killed. And the media is STILL allowing things to be said like “We don’t know the motivation of the shooter?” We don’t? Because *I* do. I follow politics, and

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Hello, Comrade!

So has the sky fallen yet? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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links for 2010-02-21

It’s Not Your Money | Ian Welsh Most people get this, but libertarians seem to have a hard time with it – "It seems like every time I discuss taxation, some libertarian will waltz in and say 'it’s my money

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Politics vs. Policy

It’s thrilling to see Rachel Maddow continue each night to point out the Republican’s hypocrisy in favoring politics over policy – trashing bills that they know have substance and will be good for their constituents. I really enjoy watching her

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Obama takes the House GOP to school

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links for 2010-01-29

Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern « Kis*Knit Bookmarking because I needed this: "Create a twisted drop stitch: Insert needle into the stitch as if to knit. Instead of wrapping the yarn around the back needle to create a regular knit

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I vote for “Not Joe Liberman”

About 2010, here is one thing I can say with certainty. Every cent of every dollar I spend on political contributions in the year 2010 is going to go to whatever Democrat is running against Joe Lieberman in his next

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My commitment to healthcare reform

According to the current political forecasting, it appears that health care reform efforts in congress are failing, and that a health care reform bill will not pass this year. I’m writing to all of my elected officials to let them

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Maddow skewers Obama on backing off the Public Option

Rachel shows that the Health Care industry, the folks making a fortune of you getting sick, is jubilant that Obama is considering getting rid of the “public option” in health care reform. The “public option” would allow you to get

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Insurance Industry organizing at Town Hall Meetings

Rachel Maddow exposes the thuggish behavior that Insurance Industry lobbyists are organizing at town hall meetings on health care that are taking place around the country during the congressional break. Paid for by the health insurance industry– loud, semi-violent and

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We’ve always been at war with Eurasia

Bush quietly seeks to expand the already bloated powers of the executive branch further, according to Raw Story: As the nation focuses on Sen. John McCain’s choice of running mate, President Bush has quietly moved to expand the reach of

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It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Last week, the right-wingers were praying for the Democratic National Convention to get rained out: Maybe Maude didn’t quite hear that right.

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Wow. This is powerful.

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Indiana political blogging

Sometimes it’s really entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

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My post below about Butler student Evan Strange who asked Chelsea Clinton an inappropriate question spawned an interesting response. I received several emails from Butler student Lauren Laski defending her fellow student. I’m not going to go into detail of

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Butler student insults Chelsea Clinton

Leave it to an idiot Hoosier to embarrass the state of Indiana now that we’re in the national spotlight. I’m sure it’s the first of many bonehead moves Hoosiers will make when they see television cameras. From the Chicago Tribune:

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Bitch is the new black

Tina Fey on Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

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Electoral Compass 2008

I’ve taken Political Compass quizzes on more than one occasion in the past on my blog. This new Electoral Compass is a different take – it’s written in flash, for one thing, and it places you on the compass with

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McCain’s counter to Obama’s “Yes we can” video.

Awhile back I linked to the Obama “Yes we can” video… here’s the (fake) McCain response to it.

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Gee, that sounds familiar…

Remember a couple days ago when I said If it were up to me…. and I proposed a new way of doing the primaries that would be more fair? That post did get linked to by about 40 sites… but

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Former Top General in Iraq Faults Bush Administration

From the New York Times (presented to you without comment on my part): WASHINGTON, Oct. 12— In a sweeping indictment of the four-year effort in Iraq, the former top American commander called the Bush administration’s handling of the war incompetent

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My New Favorite Quote

“My favorite definition of a libertarian- and I can’t remember where I stole it from- is ‘a conservative who wants to sleep with liberal women.’” — From the comments on Pandagon’s article: “But Rush told me you had to tolerate

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