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Electoral Compass 2008

I’ve taken Political Compass quizzes on more than one occasion in the past on my blog. This new Electoral Compass is a different take – it’s written in flash, for one thing, and it places you on the compass with

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Political Compass 2006

You are a Social Liberal (88% permissive) and an… Economic Liberal (26% permissive) You are best described as a: Strong Democrat Link: The Politics Test on Ok CupidAlso: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test Here’s a previous political compass I took

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Political Compass, revisited

I posted a link to this site back in 2003, but I thought I should mention it again. The Political Compass site measures where you fall on the political landscape, based on your answers to fiscal questions as well as

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Political Compass

For about the third time in the last month I’ve been called a lefty, and I’m getting pretty shitty about it. Actually, I think the most recent quote was “It would be hard for any man to be to the

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