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Triangulation (or: Appropriate Levels of Rudeness)

Standard disclaimer: If you’re worried this post is about you, then it’s not about you at all. The people it’s about will never believe it’s about them. One of the things I can’t stand (yes again with those) is people

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Why I’m Still Disappointed with Movable Type, 4.0 Beta version

ridiculous rant. You can see the original rant below the fold. I am, apparently, really stupid. And quite wrong. And Jerame is quite right. Never mind. I’ll just be over here, making new category templates. Don’t mind me. UPDATE: Okay,

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Why I Hate Movable Type

If I can’t remember the Movable Type tag to include a module in template, I have to go through 40 clicks before I can even DOWNLOAD THE FUCKING MANUAL (WTF?!) to read it to find the damned tag. MAKE IT

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A Partial List of My Pet Peeves

Posted today for your amusement/irritation, to be updated as necessary on future occasions. People who walk up escalators… …especially when they ask you to move out of the way. Seriously – go take the fracking stairs, Sporty. I’m using the

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Passive Aggressive Blogging

One of my favorite amusements lately is folks who read something I’ve written here, and rather than commenting/disagreeing on my site, or even going back to their own site and commenting there while linking to my post, they simply comment

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