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Stand with Planned Parenthood

Please take a few moments to go and sign this petition against defunding Planned Parenthood: After months of budget negotiations, extreme anti-choice members of Congress are trying to force a shutdown of the federal government. This shutdown is not about

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For Those With Vaginas

Transcript: Hello, I am a woman. I am a woman. I’m a woman. A female of the species. You can tell because of the whole vagina having thing. Often American women depend on Planned Parenthood for medical care. It’s like

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links for 2007-12-28

Google has been ogling Indy | IndyStar.com Indianapolis Star writes about my butt. Heh. (tags: local Indianapolis google egosurfing) Top 10 ice-skating rinks in the United States – CNN.com (tags: sports skating) Casa Verda Building Projects A local green builder

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Bush Administration Shields Christian Terrorists

Salon Magazine has an article about Christian Terrorist Clayton Waagner, the man who was convicted last week of sending over 550 envelopes of fake anthrax letters to women’s health clinics across the country, including Planned Parenthood clinics here in Indianapolis.

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