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Photos from our stay in London on the last two days of our England trip.

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A Cat Named Dru

Dru, hiding under the bed.

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Viva Las Vegas!

Wow. So that was Las Vegas. Wow. And I didn’t lose much money. Cool. This was a great trip! I didn’t think I’d care for Vegas because it’s so artificial, but I LOVED it. Hello! We went for a friend’s

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White Elephant Gift Exchange at Buca Di Beppo’s

Dinner at Buca’s wasn’t the raucous blow-out that it was in years past, but it was still great fun. I got a t-shirt with Geupel’s picture on it. Maybe I can use it to pick up chicks with Westies, like

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The Sims

So tonight I get to see another house– maybe the one I’ll buy. Cool! Also, Cate’s in town and she’s coming over to see it with me, then we’re going out to eat.

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