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Steve Jobs and iPhone

Dave & Garrett’s Halloween party

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Kevin’s Open House

Our Friend Kevin’s Open House to show off his remodeling.

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Party Arrival Times

My favorite quote from the comments on this discussion about what is the optimal time to arrive at a party: This only works if all guests judge by the same criteria. They do not. In many circles, late arrivers are

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The Democratic Agenda

Hat tip to Catholic Democrats for pointing this out… Next time you hear someone say the Democrats don’t have a plan of their own for running the country, say “pshaw” and point them at this website: HouseDemocrats.gov. It’s all there

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White Elephant Gift Exchange at Buca Di Beppo’s

Dinner at Buca’s wasn’t the raucous blow-out that it was in years past, but it was still great fun. I got a t-shirt with Geupel’s picture on it. Maybe I can use it to pick up chicks with Westies, like

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