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HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS

Ha ha ha. That’s awesome. H9RBS.js (v0.0001) is a flexible, dependency-free, lightweight, device-agnostic, modular, baked-in, component framework MVC library shoelacestrap to help you kickstart your responsive CSS-based app architecture backbone kitchensink tweetybirds. via HTML9 Responsive Boilerstrap JS.

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Parody of “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna ft. Chris Brown

Parody of “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna ft. Chris Brown. Lyrics quoted directly from Rihanna’s police report.

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Brain in a jar

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links for 2010-04-13

Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas | 9 to 5 Mac (tags: html5 flash webdevelopment) MONDAY ARTS SECTION: Time to Check In With Tina Fey’s Feminism! — Feministe Tina's feminism is a bit different than mine or yours. Mine

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links for 2010-01-19

The Dirtiest Player: Profiles: GQ GQ story about former Colts player Marvin Harrison. (tags: sports football crime Colts) Thousand and One Words The photo blog of Ryan, the character from the Office. Yeah, it's pretty funny. (tags: photography funny office

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