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Everything is Miscellaneous

I mentioned the book Everything is Miscellaneous a few posts back on my list of recent reads, but I wanted to pull it out and write more about it, because it was very thought provoking, and a book I intend

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weekend updates

We had our shower plumbing worked on for the third time Friday, and they finally got it right. The “on” handle was leaking to start out with, then it was fixed but hard to turn on or get good pressure.

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Moving is Hard, Barbie

I think I’ve sorta hit the wall as far as moving and unpacking goes. My muscles are so sore that lifting boxes is infinitely harder. And there are boxes everywhere in the new house, including in front of the places

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Caylor – Jenkins – Riddle House

Copied from the Old Northside Historic Plan, information on our house: Caylor – Jenkins – Riddle House c. 1876 Built by Joseph Caylor, who lived next door, this Italianate cottage has had its original frame porch replaced by the present

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weekend updates

We spent the weekend moving and unpacking, and unfortunately we missed both Pride and the Talbott Street Art Fair in the process. (We have our rainbow flag out at the new place, though! So we’re trying to represent.) We did

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