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Anagrams of my Name

The Ephemerist

Anagrams of “Stephanie Ann Mineart” via http://www.anagrammer.com/anagrammer/ THIRTEEN PAEANISM paeanism celebration of victory with songs and clamor. via The Free Dictionary HEPTAMETER (IS NAIN) Heptameter is a type of meter where each line of verse contains seven metrical feet. It

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The name “Stephanie” on Babynamer.com

One of the blogs I read regularly pointed out the site babynamer.com in a blog post, because it’s a nicely-designed and interesting site on baby names. They include a long definition and origin of each name, a section on famous

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I grew up in a middle-class suburban home

I grew up in the suburbs, first in the town of Ankeny, Iowa, outside of Des Moines, then briefly in a suburb in Canton, Ohio, and then in a nice housing development in Noblesville, Indiana. I lived in the prototypical

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100+ Funny British Place Names

April 26, 2013 update from Steph: Updated this page to add links to as many of the towns and streets as I could find in google maps. I originally added this list to my site on September 26, 2005, but

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Popular Baby Names – Social Security Administration

I saw this link (Popular Baby Names) once, a few years ago, and have been trying to remember where it was located ever since. Turns out it was the Social Security Administration, not the U.S. Census Bureau. It’s come up

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