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2015-02-09 Recently Read

Subtraction: Color Grading Movies How digital color manipulation of a movie can drastically change the tone and meaning of the subject. The Morning News: The Books A long and fun essay on the subject of a couple combining their library

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2015-01-29 Recently Read

Grantland: How ‘Selma’ Got Smeared As a member of more than one marginalized group of people, I can attest that these sorts of conversations with allies happen all the time wherein the needs of the marginalized group end up being

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The Gender Flipped Character in Elysium

A couple of comments I added to the article at The Mary Sue “Add Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt To The List Of Characters Written For Men And Played By Women“: The Entertainment weekly quote from that article: Her role was created

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Supergirl First

The case for why DC should tackle a Supergirl movie before a Wonder Woman movie. I wrote a little bit a few weeks ago about the importance of getting the Wonder Woman storyline right when she is written in comics,

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How Movies Teach Manhood: Colin Stokes

More about this TED Talk: When Colin Stokes’ 3-year-old son caught a glimpse of Star Wars, he was instantly obsessed. But what messages did he absorb from the sci-fi classic? Stokes asks for more movies that send positive messages to

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Cool hand knits in The Hobbit

I really want this cowl and hood.

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Great Gatsby… in 3D! 3D? Really?

Me watching this trailer: What is this madness? I… there’s the billboard! Hurrah! Something I recognize, at least. Still, what the what?

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Golden Globes Nominations 2012. Wha?

Looking over the list of nominations for the Golden Globes for 2012 is just oddness. I’ve read an number of allegations that this particular awards ceremony is basically just bought and sold pretty freely, and it somewhat makes sense looking

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links for 2011-08-31

Ugly Guy, Hot Wife – Television Tropes & Idioms Nothing will make me turn the channel faster than this trope.   (tags: movies television tropes misogyny) Oak | Acne Navy Normandie Mono Crop Off Turtleneck Sweater Oak Couldn't be too

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Lesbian Web Series

There aren’t too many mainstream television shows with lesbian main characters, but there is no shortage of online web series and shorts. Many of them are independently produced and rely on viewer contributions to keep production going. I’ve only seen

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Space Girls

The song is by The Imagined Village. Source in order of appearance: Raumpatroille Lost In Space Outer Limits Doctor Who The Giant Behemoth Twilight Zone Attack Of The 50 ft Woman Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Avengers Forbidden Planet Queen

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Yes he is; a case of scotch.

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Sucker Punch Disney Mashup

Apparently the Sucker Punch movie I was excited about seeing a few weeks back (but didn’t get around to, due to recent events) turned out to have been very bad indeed. So, good thing I didn’t waste my money. But

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GIRLTRASH All Night Long – official trailer

Another on the list of movies I’m going to see one way or another. It probably won’t come here, so I’ll have to buy the video. Produced by Power Up, the people who made D.E.B.S. Created by Angela Robinson, based

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Sucker Punch

Holy crap. I’m seeing this movie. On the day it comes out. I put a reminder on my calendar, even. Wanna go with? UPDATE: Yeah, after I read the reviews and heard how god-awful sexist it was, I didn’t go.

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Trigger trailer

The trailer from the movie Trigger – after reading a review on Dorothy Surrenders, I think we’ll try to see this sometime. I don’t demand that every movie pass the Bechdel test, but when they do and they have good

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Thinking about Woody Allen

After reading the The New York Times interview with him on his new movie… I don’t think I’ve every adequately articulated this thought before now – the thing I dislike about Woody Allen most is not the neurotic craven-ness of

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Sex and The City 2 – more thoughts

Garland Grey does an interesting dissection of the problems with Sex and The City 2. The trouble is, if they’d fixed the problems he described, I don’t know that the movie would be watchable. I don’t know that I’d go

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Weekend Update

We managed to miss out on pride this weekend – I didn’t feel well due to something I ate on Friday (or Thursday) and I didn’t want to spend the entire festival in a port-a-let, or trying to find a

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links for 2010-04-02

The Last Song :: :: Reviews I love, Roger Ebert. The last paragraph is the best. (tags: movies funny writing)

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links for 2010-01-28

The secret lives of married men – Times Online A better title for this would be "The Secret Life of a mentally under-developed London Times writer/sexist douchbag." (tags: sexism misogyny equality rights women) Dorothy Surrenders: A movie of our own

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Weekend Updates

I took Thursday and Friday of last week off and created for myself a four day weekend. That was fun. I got some organizing projects done around the house, and played around a bit with a photography project. The end

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Far – a long long way to run

What a fun video. Now I want to watch the movie and learn the dance.

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Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

Wow. I have a million images in my head. I’m struck by how much it looks like the book – the colors, especially, are exactly like the color palettes in the book, and the hand drawn font evokes the like

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So… what would the opposite of koumpounophobia be?

Why do I ask? No reason, really. Ahem. I’m really looking forward to Coraline hitting theaters! (My weird obsession with buttons started when I was a little kid. The pillowcases my grandmother made had tiny button closures, and I would

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