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10 Anthems for a Feminist Revolution

According to spinner magazine, these are the tops: (linked to mp3 download or album on Amazon.com) 10. Salt-n-Pepa, ‘None Of Your Business‘ (from the album Very Necessary) 9. Carole King, ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman‘ (from the

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Songs of Peace and Freedom 3 (Vol. 4 of Hippie Series)

A mix I made to add to the protest songs CDs that I made a few years ago; pulling in a few standards that I had missed. Appropriate since there are a whole wave of new protest songs being made

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80’s Party Playlist

Songs from an epic 80’s party I threw. (See the pictures from my party here) The original playlist has 1457 songs in it, and was 4.1 days long. I edited that list down to what you see below. I tried

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Teen Death Songs

In the fifties, there was a whole trend of sappy songs about young love misunderstood and cut short by the tragedy of death. I tried to track down many of the titles, but they were pretty hard to come by.

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