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Cognitive Decline?

In writing about my upcoming heart surgery for IndyScribe, I stumbled across some information during research that is really disturbing, and may change my mind about having open-heart surgery. According to research, being on a heart and lungs machine during

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Cool Headstones

In the event that I die, which I’m quite certain will be 50 years from now and not any time soon, I really want to have this cool headstone from Lundgren Monuments. Because it’s glass and is really cool looking.

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I started to leave for lunch to get some sunshine a little while ago. Unfortunately, although I remembered my wallet and key card, I forgot to take my car keys with me. And on my car keys is the elevator

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Living Wills

Stephanie and I met with an attorney last night to arrange to get living wills. She’ll draw them up and then send them to us next week. She charges $230 an hour (wow!) and it should take her a couple

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In honor of me getting my living will this afternoon…

Some bittersweet political humor on the subject of living wills By ROBERT FRIEDMAN, Perspective Editor Published March 27, 2005 Like many of you, I have been compelled by recent events to prepare a more detailed advance directive dealing with end-of-life

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