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Pop Culture Memes for Old People: Gangnam Style

Q. What is it? A. A pop song and video from a South Korean group called PSY. Q. Why? A. Kids these days. It’s been played on the radio, parodied in various forms and has recently appeared on Saturday Night

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Wheaton’s Law

Wheaton’s Law via Know Your Meme. Wheaton’s law is, of course, “Don’t be a dick.” I had never seen the Know Your Meme website before; it’s a nice idea, run by the Cheezburger folks.

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links for 2011-09-01

Stupid Game of Thrones Characters – Dorkly Article If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the Stupid Ned Stark meme. Hilarious as it is, the other idiots get off scot-free. Let’s fix that. (WARNING: SPOILERS)

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Question: If you could master one skill what would it be?

Anon Question: If you could master one skill what would it be? Writing. I’d like to be a successful, published author. It’s the dream I’ve had since I was a small kid. Writing is also the hardest thing for me

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Question: Have you bought any clothing in the last week?

Yes, I’m hunting around for things to write about, and picking random questions from the internet. Matt has been doing a 30 day blogging project, and I was sort of interested in doing something similar except not the same. Possibly

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