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I totally thought of it myself, I swear

Things you may hear me say soon: “There are chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters…” 4 person douche canoe Sites I may link to from time to time: http://getyourownmotherfuckingblogasshole.wordpress.com/ Let Me Google That For You

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They come for her jokes, and stay for her epic beatdowns

Sady wins the internet. (with [BONER] jokes!). I’m still trying to figure out how a mansplaining, boner-obsessed, “feminist if it will get me laid” dude came to a site with the word “beatdown” in the title and didn’t think he

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links for 2009-09-20

Cap’n Dyke, Lesbian Pirate Queen & Rogue Blogger In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day." (tags: blogs pirate) Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition He sure is. He's the reason 45,000 people died from lack of health care in

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