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Word Count for Famous Novels (organized)

Word count for famous novels, in ascending order by number of words. Based on this list compiled by Nicole Humphrey Cook. (Thanks Nicole, and sorry for stealing; I wanted to see the list in order.) For average word counts based

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Oh darn – delicious links auto-publishing died

Shoot. My blogging crutch went away. For the past five or six years I’ve been using a little-known and not very well supported delicious links tool to auto-publish the links I’ve saved to my site. It was easy because I

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links for 2010-12-13

The Women of World War I (tags: women wwi history gender feminism) 5. The History of Girls' School Stories reading notes. (tags: literature history women education)

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Tails and Tales

Tim O’Brian In The Atlantic – discussing the sources of creativity and how to tell a well-imagined story: My sons, Timmy and Tad–both fans of Winnie the Pooh–have taken lately to wearing tails. At our local Wal-Mart, and occasionally at

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links for 2010-04-05

The cult of busy « Scott Berkun I deliberately try not to fill my calendar. I choose not to say Yes to everything. For to do so would make me too busy, and I think, less effective at what my

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links for 2010-02-20

Designing with Progressive Enhancement: Building the web that works for everyone. By Filament Group: Todd Parker, Patty Toland, Scott Jehl, Maggie Costello Wachs Designing with Progressive Enhancement is a practical guide that both explains the principles and benefits of progressive

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links for 2010-01-29

Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern « Kis*Knit Bookmarking because I needed this: "Create a twisted drop stitch: Insert needle into the stitch as if to knit. Instead of wrapping the yarn around the back needle to create a regular knit

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links for 2009-11-02

Bobbs-Merrill Company – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: education reading) 20th-Century American Bestsellers: House of a Thousand Candles information about the Indianapolis written novel. (tags: ideas Indiana novel MeredithNicholson) The House of a Thousand Candles (1936) – Overview – MSN

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Project Fill-in-the-Gaps

Project Fill-in-the-Gaps created by Moonrat on her blog Editorial Ass: fill in the gaps in your reading lists of classics and contemporary fiction. Make a list of 100 titles, give yourself 5 years to complete reading the list, and give

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David Foster Wallace Dead at 46

Writer David Foster Wallace hung himself on Friday at the age of 46. That’s really awful. My heart goes out to his family. Would it be completely inappropriate to point out that he’s wearing my wool coat in this photo?

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