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The 25th Annual Circle City Pride Celebration, June 8th

The Circle City Pride Celebration is a week of events, culminating in the Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday, June 8th. Visit their site for a list of the events; there’s lots to do this year throughout the week. But

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Adorable Trans Teen Couple

From the Daily Mail is this story on the cutest trans teen couple ever: To the casual observer, this young couple look just like any other teenagers in love. But pretty Katie Hill and her boyfriend Arin Andrews share a

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Rainbow Noise: IMMA HOMO

I cannot wait for these guys to put out this song as an mp3, because I want to drive around town with my truck windows down blasting this on the stereo. “RainbowNoise is an entertainment company that specializes in marketing

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Fort Worth City Councilor Joel Burns tells gay teens “it gets better”

His story made me cry – so moving.

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Voter Fraud should be more important than Mary Cheney

Despite the fact that the allegations of voter fraud by the Republican party are exploding around the country, the media and the Republicans are still making the hot story Kerry’s mention of Mary Cheney. Dick Cheney and the Republican party

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