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Skins: British vs. American

Skins is a British TV show finishing it’s fourth season in the UK. It’s fictional, set in Bristol, England, it focuses on teenagers, and it’s very raw and realistic, covering drug and alcohol abuse and sexuality as topics. It’s raunchy

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Sapphic matchmaking

Apropo of nothing, on the way to the restroom at work, this notion popped into my head: “Hey, wasn’t Joan’s roommate Carol (played by Kate Norby in season 1 of Mad Men) a lesbian? They should write a scene where

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Two Cats, please.

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Girls Kissing

No, I didn’t open this link at work. I just copied it to paste here and look at later. So don’t blame me if it opens twelve pop-up windows. (2014 update: this is one of the few links from back

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