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Using the Sexism on the Left

Zuzu has an interesting post at Shakesville about how the choice of Palin may be an attempt to use the unchecked sexism within the Democratic Party against it: Right on cue, the sexist attacks against Palin began on the left–

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Sarah Palin and John McCain’s Judgment and Health

For progressives and Democrats, there’s lots to dislike about the GOP VP choice Sarah Palin. As Melissa McEwan notes: For the record, there is plenty about which to criticize Palin that has absolutely fuck-all to do with her sex. She’s

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Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t

The day after Hillary Clinton delivered one of the best political speeches in American history — CNN has come out with this bit of fucking loveliness: (CNN) — What did Hillary Clinton’s body language give away at the Democratic National

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Wow. This is powerful.

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Hating Hillary

Andrew Stephen in the New Statesman: Gloating, unshackled sexism of the ugliest kind has been shamelessly peddled by the US media, which – sooner rather than later, I fear – will have to account for their sins History, I suspect,

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