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Colbert: War on Photographers

Funny Colbert Report on America’s war on photographers.

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“I’m not a bigot”

Via the Consumerist, this incredibly funny quote: Now, I am NOT trying to bash homosexuals and I am not a bigot; however, I feel homosexuality is morally wrong and should not be “promoted” as what is the norm for society.

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From Good As You: I mean just the other day this was chatting with this Jewish friend of mine who keeps kosher, and he was all like, ” Ya know, my religious beliefs tell me that consuming pork is not

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Prize for killing gay people

Via Good As You: Just a month before the 2006 WorldPride Parade is scheduled to be held in Jerusalem (Aug. 6-12), protest flyers are reportedly being distributed to residents of the capital city offering a cash reward to “anyone who

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AFA Sues Michigan State To Block Same-Sex Benefits

Advance Indiana comments on a recently announce lawsuit from the American Family Association — suing to block same-sex couples from receiving university health care benefits on the basis of Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriages. I’m blogging this specifically for my

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