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Laser Eye Surgery: No More Glasses

Seeing with my own eyeballs, after wearing glasses or contacts since second grade.

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Laser Eye Surgery: Vision normal for this stage, says eye doctor

I visited the eye doctor this afternoon, and she took out the bandage contact lenses and checked out my eyes. She says everything is normal for this stage of PRK surgery, and that my vision should improve drastically in the

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Laser Eye Surgery: Gradual eyesight improvement

My eyesight has improved quite a bit overnight, and I can read text at least. It’s not perfect, but at least I’m seeing progress. I’ll probably still spend the day listening to audiobooks and watching dvds (I’m part way thorough

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Laser Eye Surgery: Buyer’s Remorse

I guess from what the doctor’s were saying, with the PRK surgery (as opposed to lasik, which is quick to heal) it’s fairly normal for my vision to still be pretty bad, even today and tomorrow and even on Thursday.

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Laser Eye Surgery: Eye Update

Forgive me if I make more mistakes than usual; it’s rather hard to see the screen right now. After my last blog post on Saturday morning, we went to see the eye doctor, who told me my vision at that

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