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Bike Trailer Cart Project

Hell, now that I have to blog for real instead of just saving links, I may as well go for broke. Here’s something I’ve been working on lately – making a cargo trailer for my bike out of an old

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All Caught Up

I spent the weekend editing and uploading my entire backlog of photos since November. I’v been perpetually several months behind since we went to England last year and I had the overwhelming backlog of photos to deal with. It took

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swimming across the current

You know how you have those stories that affect you but they aren’t exactly yours to tell, so you hesitate to bring them up? I’ve been going back and forth with that lately. I wrote at the beginning of March

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Way to go, Ace

Had an accident in the parking lot at work. Yeah, I’m feeling like I own the world right about now. Yeah. I kinda want to crawl into bed for a week and not come out, given this and a whole

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