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Message to McCain about Rape and Choice

I haven’t talked about it much in years, but when I was in college I was raped and became pregnant, and within a short period of time miscarried. The idea that I would be forced to carry a baby to

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The Debate in 90 Seconds

The few things that jumped out at me — John McCain does “air quotes” while talking about the health of the mother in emergency abortion situations — so apparently the health of the mother is irrelevant? Wow. So let me

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Best of the Worst: McCain Mobs Compiled

Brave New Films and Color of Change have compiled the “best of the worst” video footage of lynch mob-like crowds attending McCain/Palin rallies over the past several weeks, documenting the racism and violent threats. Color of Change is sending a

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More Racist McCain Supporters

Anyone who’s resisted the idea that there are racist McCain supporters out there won’t be able to get past this video. As Ta-nehisi Coates at the Atlantic points out — It’s not just disturbing that this guy is so obviously

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Even more crazy McCain crowds

I updated my post from earlier this morning with even more news of death threats issued to Obama during McCain rallies this week. (Threats of “off with his head” came out this morning reported by the Wall Street Journal.) Here

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