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If you’re going to get into a car accident…

do it in Romania, apparently. Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Frank, Bucharest, Romania Creative Director: Teodor Cucu Art Director: Ionica Dogaru, Ionut Popescu Copywriter: Alex Manciu Published/Released/Aired (Month, Year): December, 2010

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Health care reform changes go online today

Democrats.org provides an overview of the changes that go into affect today – helping me and thousands of other Americans with direct, real changes. Bold text indicates changes that affect me personally, italics highlights changes that affect people I know.

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Accidental Accident Reports

The following quotes taken from the Toronto News on July 26, 1977, are actual statements from insurance forms where car drivers tried to summarize accident details in as few words as possible. Such instances of faulty writing serve to confirm that incompetency can be highly entertaining.

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