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Indy Star Voter Guide

If you always wonder, when standing in the voting booth, how to pick candidates for the less well-known political offices, the Indy Star’s interactive voter guide goes through each of the candidates, provides information about them, and lets you make

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links for 2007-12-28

Google has been ogling Indy | IndyStar.com Indianapolis Star writes about my butt. Heh. (tags: local Indianapolis google egosurfing) Top 10 ice-skating rinks in the United States – CNN.com (tags: sports skating) Casa Verda Building Projects A local green builder

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My Comments on other’s stuff….

My reply to Richard Prince’s column on Rishawn Biddle, on the Maynard Institute website. The column was being discussed in the forums. If a white male writer in Indianapolis had written what Rishawn wrote he would have been fired, and

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Rishawn Biddle Gets Fired

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about local politics of late, just because the bile and animosity therein was way to much to deal with given my increased workload at my place of employment, and because others do a much

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My letter to the Indy Star about SJR-7

I’m writing to the citizens of Indiana regarding Senate Bill SJR-7, the anti-gay hate bill that just passed the Senate and will be moving to the house soon. It’s fascinating to me that at the turn of the last century,

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