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Go Ahead and Play Project by the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana

UPDATE: Here’s a cool promo video for the Go Ahead and Play Project. I’m very pleased to have contributed to a fun local public art project organized through The Women’s Fund of Central Indiana – the Go Ahead and Play

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Infill Before Density: Some Ideas for Indy Velocity

Erika Smith from the Indy Star fills us in on a new plan for development in downtown Indianapolis that includes improving residential as well as retail and business development. Here’s some basics about the plan: This is the thinking behind

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Indy 5×5 Presentations: Make Indy

We’re at the second of Make 5×5 – four events designed to fund and celebrate ideas and innovation in Indianapolis. Five presenters have five slides and 5 minutes to explain their vision for a project that would make Indianapolis a

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Indianapolis Museum of Art’s unnecessary budget cut backs

There’s a lot to unpack in this article on the IMA’s recent decision to cut it’s budget under director Charles Venable – [The sad, unnecessary situations at MOCA, Indy | Tyler Green: Modern Art Notes |] But it’s well

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Indiana Senate Bill 621 (SB 621)

Bill introduced in the Indiana State legislature this week: Indiana Senate Bill 621 (SB 621) The analysis of this bill by Indy Democrat Blog: “Where to begin? It’s pretty easy. Almost everything in this bill is designed to reduce the

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Park 16 Apartment Fire

This evening, fire broke out in the “Park 16” apartments being build at 16th and Broadway Avenue in Indianapolis, a few blocks from our house. We ran up the street to take photos, and were able to get remarkably close.

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Broad Ripple canal

From Flatwater Restaurant

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Tear down wall of denial so we can fix broken IPS

former IPS School Board President Kelly Bentley has some thoughts about how to fix IPS in this Indy Star editorial: Tear down wall of denial so we can fix broken IPS | Indianapolis Star | Even recent good news

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Post-Super Bowl

As a Naptown native, it was quite fun to see how the city transformed for the event – sad that it takes a sporting event for the city to suddenly infuse the local arts scene and local businesses with cash

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12 Indy Conversation-Starter Spots To Visit

Historic Indianapolis has a nice list of historical landmarks and site-seeing spots in Indianapolis. Places with connections to Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Harrison, C.J. Walker, and a confederate prison camp are some of the intriguing spots to visit around Circle City.

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Indianapolis: Super Bowl City

A collection of recent articles about Indianapolis, many from an outsider’s point of view: Explore Indy’s Surprising Food Scene – This week the world turns its attention to Indianapolis, as the Midwestern city plays host to Super Bowl XLVI.

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links for 2010-09-24

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers | Historic Wallpapers | Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Damask, '40s, '50s and '60s Wallpaper OMFG that is some cool wallpaper. And I generally hate wallpaper (in my house, that is. On my computer

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Central Library Shelves

In the old part of the library.

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Indianapolis’ Unigov Disaster

The Evansville Courier and Press has an interesting article investigating the Republican political power grab that was Indianapolis’ “Unigov” consolidation of Indianapolis with Marion County in the 1970s. INDIANAPOLIS — Merging the city and county governments here helped improve what

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Old Northside, Caravelle Commons and political issues

I’m irritated right now at one of my neighbors. We live in Old Northside in Indianapolis, which is an historic neighborhood, but one with really large houses, and one that has been almost completely renovated in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Downtown photowalk

Lion sculpture near the convention center, seen on downtown photowalk

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Fishers, Indiana and “Best Places to Live 2010”

Money Magazine ranks Fishers, Indiana number 8 on the list of “best places to live” in 2010. The criteria? “These terrific small cities — even now — boast plenty of jobs, great schools, safe streets, low crime, lots to do,

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Mayor Greg Ballard’s Many Tax Increases

Now that campaign season is rolling around our Mayor Ballard — whose original campaign charge was all about repealing property taxes in Indiana — is hauling out one of his favorite talking points: claiming he held the line on new

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links for 2010-03-31

Shots Of Indianapolis Skyline To Depress Nation During Final Four Broadcast | The Onion – America's Finest News Source WASHINGTON–Shots of the Indianapolis skyline scheduled to air during the 2010 Final Four will be extremely depressing and will momentarily infuse

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links for 2010-03-04

BBC News – The art of list-making "A collection of attributes the Finnish architect Eero Saarinen found most attractive in his wife. First on his list is the fact she was very clever." – excellent. I knew I liked that

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links for 2010-03-02

Ayn Rand, Hugely Popular Author and Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was a Big Admirer of Serial Killer | Books | AlterNet Ayn Rand, in her notebooks, worshiped a notorious serial murderer-dismemberer, and used this killer as an early model for

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Homespun: Modern Handmade

I’ve mentioned INDIEana Handicraft Exchange here before; Stephanie and I were introduce to the contemporary craft fair by a friend and have attended their events twice. It’s helped inspire the two of us to plan and scheme about our own

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links for 2010-02-19

Officials: Austin Plane Crash May Be Intentional : NPR And he was a tea bagger railing against the IRS for taking "his" money awa from him. Domestic terrorism. (tags: terrorism teabaggers Texas) The Richest 1% Have Captured America's Wealth |

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links for 2010-02-03

Daily Kos :: State of the Nation very disturbing poll of Republicans about their beliefs. (tags: republicans poll demographics politics culture) IMPD officer admits sex with suspect | | The Indianapolis Star No, he didn't "have sex" with a

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links for 2010-01-30

IMA bets with NOMA over Superbowl – a masterpiece is the bet Wow – that's better than the Mayor's rinky-dink shrimp bet. Way to raise the stakes, IMA. (tags: superbowl museum sports IMA) Cameras Roll As Obama Schools GOP I

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