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Rally for Marriage Equality, Indiana Statehouse

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marriage discrimination attached to Gov’s Property Tax Bill

Indiana Republican Foul play at work – because looked like SJR-7 the marriage discrimination bill that has failed to pass the Indiana House the last two years, might again fail, Representative Eric Turner, ranking Republican on the House Rules and

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Video from the Rally

Video of the Rally and Protest outside House Speaker Pat Bauer’s office. Updated with a better copy of the video… The young man you see in the foreground here on the left is the fellow that Mark St. John grabbed

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500 attend Rally, House Democrats Hide from Constitutents

About 500 people attended the Rally in the Indiana Statehouse, organized by Indiana Equality to address SJR-7, the amendment to ban same-sex marriage, and to support the hate crimes bill, which will include sexual orientation and gender identity. There were

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