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CNN’s Gary Tuchman reports on a New Orleans man who has a sad and startling reason for staying in town.

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Journalist under criminal charges for filming Katrina evacuees

A journalist and a TV producer working on a piece about Katrina refugees have been charged with the crime of videotaping a “critical national security structure” in Louisiana… Palast Charged with Journalism in the First Degree: On August 22, for

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Handmade Quilts for Katrina Victims

I’ve blogged before about my mom making hats for premies and hats for soldiers. Lately, though she volunteered with the Quiltmakers shop in Fishers that coordinated a large-scale event last Saturday where quilters sewed quilts for Katrina victims using materials

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“Operation Offset” is more accurately “Operation Offset with money from your pocket”

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) lead by Indiana Rep. Mike Pence proposes “Operation Offset” which is their plan to pay for Hurricane Katrina, by raping America and transferring money to their big business cronies. Marla helps us out by summarizing

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Say that again? ‘Things are going relatively well’

From the Chicago Sun-Times, Say that again? ‘Things are going relatively well’ is Richard Roeper’s hall-of-shame article on the worst quotes from famous people, especially government officials, regarding the Katrina disaster. It would be very funny if it weren’t so

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