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IndyStar’s “In Touch” Blog

Read this blog entry from Jocelyn-Tandy Torkwase Adande: An individual’s sexual preference should be a private matter. Recently, the Democratic caucus of the City-County Council attached an ordinance relating to sexual orientation to a human rights bill that also allows

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O, in case you missed it…

I was in the Indy Star on Monday morning.

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Bomb Threat at the City-County building

People were evacuated from the City-County building today at 12:20 due to a phoned in bomb threat. Hmm. I’m guessing people are a little upset at last night’s city-county council meeting.

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Prop 622 passed, 15-14

Proposition 622 passed at the City-Council this evening, 15-14. My councilor, Patrice Abduallah voted for the ordinance. And we’re on the fox news at 10 again. I’m very tired, and I’m going to bed.

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People outside of Indianapolis coming here to tell us how to live

One of the things that needs to be pointed out about Proposition 622 is that many of the people opposing it don’t live in Indianapolis and wouldn’t be affected by it. For example, in today’s Indy Star, there are several

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