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Cooking Templates

via Jezebel – Resolved: Eat Better, Not Less, for a Healthier Diet Jezebel’s article on healthy eating covers an approach that I’ve heard from many of my thin friends: What you need are a few core recipes that you’re good

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links for 2008-05-04

21 Ways to Shoot Better Photographs | 10e20 Blog (tags: photography tutorial)

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Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things: How to Turn a Penny into a Radio, Make a Flood Alarm with an Aspirin, Change by Cy Tymony ISBN: 0740738593 NON-FICTION – A small guide to how to MacGyvver yourself out of situations using

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Makin’ Your Own Outhouse

In case you ever have an emergency situation, plans for building your own outhouse.

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