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Weekend To Dos

Taxes – Stephanie is finishing these up. She’s awesome. Hallway painting – I’m painting two walls in the upstairs hallway where the Beetle collectible display shelves will go. This will let us finally unpack and arrange those boxes. we’ve been

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Goodbye, Pennsylvania Street!

I Just Sold My House!

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I think I’m finally selling my house tomorrow

I haven’t mentioned this before, because I didn’t want to jinx it. But I think we’re finally going to get my house sold. We have a closing scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow. My realtor let me know before my water aerobics

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Photos of Our Balcony

New porch deck, rail, post

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Projects Around the House

Stuff I’d like to accomplish this weekend, if I have time… Plant the rest of the bulbs in the flowerbeds plant edging pavers into side flower bed Add step to bottom of basement stairs Install coat rack bar in Dining

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