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Draining the water heater

Yup, the water heater went out. Fun times! But it all worked out and now we have a new water heater, which we’ve been needing for awhile.

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Repaired Stair

The finished stair. Nice and sturdy. Eventually, we’ll have Carl come back and repaint all the stairs in a color more suited to our walls.

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What’s under the stairs

Once Carl had opened up the stairs, I realized there was a hidden space under them that wasn’t really accessible from anywhere else. Cool! Sadly, there was no secret treasure there.

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More stairs repair

This time we’re having a stair in the main staircase repaired; it tilted forward and caused guest to slip and fall on the stairs. We were used to it, but it was a problem when we had people over. To

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Broken basement stairs fixed – Carl Lenk

We had air conditioner repairman in today to work on our condenser unit – he replaced the fan motor and did some cleaning so the central air runs better. Since I was going to be home anyway for that, I

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