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links for 2008-02-18

Modwalls makes glass mosaic designs and pebble tile to please Some ideas for our bathroom. (tags: architecture bathroom interiorDesign)

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The House Next Door to Me

Is for sale at $29,900. I hope that the neighborhood buys it, because if someone just buys it as an investment, they might be a crappy owner.

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Frustration Recovery

I’ve recovered from the crappy weekend, somewhat. In the evenings, I’ve been doing a bunch of small, “finish-it-in-one-shot” projects that have gotten small, niggling problems out of the way. And I’ve still had plenty of time to play with Spike,

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Crappy Weekend

I had a really crappy weekend. I worked all day Saturday on the house, especially the living room, and I got nothing at all done. I managed to get the old nails pulled out of the ceiling joists for only

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sanding floors

On the homefront — I sanded Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It sucked. It was really hard and the sander I used didn’t do a very good job. I picked the square buffer-type sander because the drum sander is too big

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