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Homestarrunner Wiki

Homestarrunner has a wiki. Now instead of linking to the site and urging people to go there, over and over and over again, I can just explain it by pointing at the wiki instead.

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Homestarrunner: A primer

I’ve mentioned this a few times on my site, but I just found out someone I know needs a basic introduction to homestarrunner.com, so here it is. Try not to blow soda out of your nose from laughing too hard.

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Strong Bad’s 100th E-mail!!!!

Okay, not really. But funny.

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Okay, look…

Go to homestarrunner.com. Watch the cartoons. Watch Strongbad read his e-mail. And stop asking me what the sticker in my truck window is. Sheesh. Essential viewing: — Welcome to Homestarrunner.com (Check me out. No, seriously, check me out.) — a

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Trogdor, The Burninator!

To play the Trogdor game, Use the arrow keys to control Trogdor. Stomp ten peasants to achieve burnination. Burn all cottages to progress to the next level. Brought to you by Strong Bad and Homestarrunner. For the origins of Trogdor,

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